Tuesday, December 07 2021

Best Pest Control Services

As temperatures warm, pest problems tend to increase. The situation varies depending upon the geographical region where a person lives, the level of heat and humidity in that area, the physical condition of the structure, and cleanliness practices. Although there are many urban legends about how seeing one roach may mean hundreds or perhaps thousands might be lurking, there are important, commonsense steps that homeowners should take to prevent pest infestations without getting worried by the hype. Hiring one of the top-rated pest control services is often the answer when infestations arise, or when you see signs of infestations such as ant trails or rodent droppings. Some people choose a “do-it-yourself” approach, while others reach out to companies such as Orkin, Terminix, and Arrow Exterminators. Here, you can learn more about the best pest control services.

DIY pest management frequently involves swatting and spraying pests as they appear or laying out bait traps. While DIY interventions may seem to solve a problem, they are less effective than the integrated pest management (IPM) that companies such as Orkin, Terminix, and Arrow Exterminators offer. People who spray here and swat there without bringing in expert exterminators may compound the pest problem by underestimating its scope or the potential of pests to navigate around traps. Dropping bait stations randomly around the room offers minimal protection. Also, the reactive approach that DIY involves rather than the proactive IPM approach used by professional pest management firms has people spending their hard-earned money treating random symptoms rather than deeper problems.

A pest control company’s broad footprint is an important sign that it understands and implements comprehensive pest control approaches. Local mom-and-pop firms may offer basic services, but they often lack the ability to call upon broader expertise among the technicians in their firm. Founded in 1901, Orkin presently operates in 46 states as well as Canada, Mexico, and more distant locations, such as Australia. Globally, the company has more than 400 locations staffed by almost 8,000 trained technicians. Started in 1927 to develop termite treatment solutions for wooden floors, Terminix diversified its pest control services more than 60 years ago. Terminix currently has locations in 48 states, the most extensive reach among pest control companies in the United States. Similar to Orkin, Terminix also has locations outside of the US. Over the last half century, family-owned Arrow has expanded to many of the states in the southeast, as well as Arizona and Texas in the southwest. With the largest number of offices located in Georgia and Florida, it offers regional rather than national coverage. These national pest control services will offer anything a homeowner needs.

Consider the services each company offers. Each of them provides basic service inspections and treatment approaches for termites and a wide variety of pests. Orkin has added sustainability measures to its pest control practices, looking for ways to deal with pests that go beyond spraying chemicals. As part of this broader approach, some Orkin locations offer home services such as moisture control and attic insulation as ways to create environments that are less hospitable to pests. Similarly, Terminix has moved beyond traditional treatment approaches, developing expertise in both attic insulation installation and crawl space examinations for head-to-toe coverage. Arrow has developed expertise in wildlife abatement for threats common to dwellings in the southeast, as well as “handyman” services for home repair of chimneys, gutters, drywall, door jambs, and other areas where pests may enter or congregate.

When selecting the best pest control services for you, consider pricing options and service plans that best meet your needs. Ask questions. Pricing varies depending on the region where you live and services you need. Carefully review contracts for service packages to understand what they cover, as well as any exclusions or limitations. Orkin gets high marks for the number of locations, the training it offers technicians, and customer care. Although Terminix has developed pest management “packages” that cover many insects, the basic level of coverage is not quite as comprehensive as what Orkin offers. For those who have Arrow offices nearby, this company is certainly worthy of consideration for a consultation. Each of these companies receive high marks, with Orkin having a slight advantage over Terminix and Arrow. Regardless of the pest control company one selects, it is wise to research the company to make sure it meets their needs.