Sunday, October 24 2021

Best Places to Order Custom Checks

If you use checks frequently, ordering them from your bank can sometimes be cumbersome and expensive, and your options may be limited, but ordering custom checks online can save you both time and money, all while giving you a wider selection of custom check designs to choose from. Some of the key factors to consider when ordering custom checks are price and selection, as well as best overall performance, security, and customization. Based on these factors, the top three websites to buy custom checks are Carousel Checks, Check Advantage and Checks In The Mail. Keep reading to learn more about these top custom check retailers, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Carousel Checks

If you are price sensitive, Carousel Checks has some great deals, including 125 checks for less than $6. This website categorizes its checks by themes like scenic designs, value checks, and floral designs. With a wide selection of checks to choose from, as well as the availability of laser checks compatible with major accounting software like Quickbooks, paired with rock-bottom pricing, it’s hard to go wrong with Carousel Checks. Plus shipping is fast and free, and Carousel Checks often offers stellar promotions and deals to make your checks even more affordable.

Check Advantage

Check Advantage offers 2500 design options to choose from, and also allow companies to customize their checks by adding their company logo. Checks ordered through Check Advantage often arrive within 3 business days after ordering, making this a great option for anyone in a hurry. Check Advantage also has reasonable shipping costs based on quantity and weight, and there is a free shipping option on all personal checks. QuickBooks/Quicken-compatible checks and deposit slips are available, as well, as are laser deposit slips. Finally, the website has excellent security features, which include an MP (micro-printing) logo, which is an anti-counterfeiting technique featuring text that is too small to be read by the human eye.

Checks In The Mail

Looking for wide variety of checks to choose from, including popular movie characters or sports teams to reflect your personality or style? Checks In The Mail is your go-to website! Having more than 300 design options ranging from Disney to NFL teams, it also has state of the art security features for your protection. They have a padlock icon on each check and use special paper which is difficult to reproduce even with the latest printing technologies. The Checks In The Mail website also has a highly user-friendly interface that enables you to order and reorder easily, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. Take advantage of their coupon code at the site’s homepage for great discounts on your order!