Sunday, October 24 2021

Cash In On The Latest Dish Network Discounts and Services

Don’t miss out on the latest Dish TV discounts! There are several Dish TV packages for those looking for the best deals on satellite TV. Fortunately, Dish TV network discounts and services can be accessed from almost anywhere in the country. There are many advantages to choosing Dish network bundles, including over 330 satellite channels that offer general, local, sports, broadcast, and special interest niches. Many of these channels are in HD, which are provided for free with any two-year package. Packages include cutting edge technology, including a free Hopper Duo, where users can record shows from two TVs at once, as well as a free voice remote. The two-year price guarantee gives customers the same pricing for the first two years. Packages also come with Dish Anywhere, which is the company’s mobile app. With the app, users can program a DVR and watch or record shows and live TV from a tablet or mobile phone. The hottest Dish TV bundles include America’s Top 120, America’s Top 200, and America’s Top 250. Read on to find out what you need to know about Dish TV discounts and services.

America’s Top 120 offers a solid value, with 190 channels along with free premium channels for three months. This Dish TV package is a top choice for casual sports fans and families because of the channel selection. It’s also the most cost effective option, including popular channels such as ESPN, news channels, and Fox Sports 1, along with with local channels and free HD for life. Can’t find anything on TV? No worries! This package also offers over 28,000 free on demand titles. The current offer gives $20 off the price of the package and guarantees the price for two years, along with three months of Showtime and the DISH Movie pack for free. It will also come with free next day installation where available, free activation, and a Hopper Sling upgrade. The regular price is $79.99 per month, but the current Dish network discount lowers it to $59.99.

The America’s Top 200 bundle gives the best value. It contains all the channels that are in the Top 120 as well as other popular channels, such as Animal Planet, Hallmark, Lifetime Movie Network, NFL Network, MLB Network, and NBC Sports Network. Have a golfer in the house? The Golf Channel is included at this level. A Smart DVR is included, along with over 70 Sirius XM music channels. This package includes the same features and technology that the Top 120 package offers, including guaranteed free HD. There is a current offer of $15 dollars off the package price, along with three months of the DISH Movie Pack and Showtime. You also get an exclusive $100 cash back rebate. The regular price is $94.99 per month, but right now it is $79.99.

For the lover of TV who wants it all, the America’s Top 250 is the bundle you want. This includes all the channels from the previous two packages, along with STARZ and Encore movie channels, Nicktoons, and the Movie Channel. There is every kind of content imaginable, making it great for families, movie lovers, and sports fans. By the numbers, this bundle provides 290 television channels with 17 movie channels, along with free premium channels for three months. This package also adds 36,000 On Demand titles, all included in the price. The current offer gives you $15 off this package, along with three free months of the DISH Movie Pack and Showtime. There is also an exclusive $100 cash back rebate. The regular price is $104.99 per month, but with the current offer it’s only $89.99 and the price is locked in for two years.