Thursday, October 01 2020

Choosing the Best Running Shoes

Run in comfort and style! While runners have ideas of what they want from the best running shoes, the best running shoes have the right cushioning, are lightweight, have a comfortable fit, and offer the best support.  Running shoes are tested using dirt paths, paved roads, and rocky singletrack trails. That way, runners or all sizes and ages can find the best comfort, fit, ride, and performance. These running shoes also undergo lab testing that includes tests that measure their flexibility, weight, sole thickness, and cushioning. Ultimately, these tests help decide how to determine which are the best running shoes. The top three types of running shoes include the Altra King MT 1.5, Adidas PulseBOOST HD, and the Adidas Adizero Boston 8. Read on to find out what you need to know about choosing the best running shoes.

The weight of the running shoe matters to some runners. Under some circumstances, a heavier shoe does cause more aerobic activity. However, if you’re going to use lighter shoes, there’s less cushioning. Lighter shoes mean they’ll feel faster when you’re running. Although, if you’re going to run long distances, a heavier shoe with extra cushioning may be more comfortable. Take Altra’s shoes, for example. Under most circumstances, running shoes have an elevated heel. However, Altra’s running shoes are constructed so feet sit flat on the foam’s platform. The purpose of the cushion is to allow for more impact absorption. A good example is the Altra King MT 1.5 for men and women, which retails for between $79.95 and $140 at REI and Amazon.

Runners need to select the best running shoes for how they’re going to run. Typically, an everyday running shoe is the best option. Most people will do well with a high-quality everyday running shoe. These running shoes will typically last between 300 and 600 miles. Good examples of these kinds of running shoe are Adidas PulseBOOST HD or Altra King MT 1.5. If you’re looking for a faster run or something for a race event, then you’ll need a lightweight running shoe. They’ll wear out quicker, but they’re lighter weight and provide a lighter feel in your step. These running shoes typically last between 200 and 500 miles. A good example of these kinds of shoes is the Adidas Terrex Speed LD, which retails for around $119 on Amazon.

When selecting the best running shoes, runners need to take into consideration how they feel. That includes the running shoe’s stack height, which is the material between the ground and the runner’s foot. The stack height can range from minimal and maximal to highly cushioned. Most running shoes have middle-grade stack heights. Runners who prefer feeling the ground instead of the cushioning should choose a minimal or low stack height. Those who enjoy plush cushioning when running would choose a stack height so they can experience a great deal of impact protection. An example of a running shoe with high stack height is Altra Duo 1.5, found on Amazon for $129. One with low stack height is Adidas Adizero Boston 8, which retails for around $140 on Amazon.

Ultimately, the best running shoes are going to be the ones that feel the most comfortable when you’re running. Intuitively, this makes the best sense. However, it’s often ignored, and we turn to a salesperson or running buddy for advice. Instead, runners should be testing the product to see what works best for their unique needs.