Tuesday, December 07 2021

DirecTV NOW Streaming Service

It’s official! AT&T has finally released their newest product, DirecTV Now. This means more channels, better quality and special offers for even more services.  While there are some pretty good features this new system still has a lot of kinks to work out. Is now the right time to cut ties with traditional TV providers and switch to this innovative new streaming service? Read on to learn more about DirecTV Now and whether it has the channels and options you want.

Here’s the good news: DirecTV Now comes with some pretty nice features. First, and foremost, anyone willing to pre-pay their first three-months will receive a free Apple TV. This means you are actually getting $149 back on an investment of $105! You can watch two channels at the same time. Everyone on the system can create their own favorite channels list. As an AT&T customer you can stream for free. You don’t have to deal with cable or satellite equipment going bad. There’s no annual contracts or credit check. You have the option to add premium channels for only $5 each at any time. There are more than 15,000 on-demand titles to enjoy. The introductory cost is also a pretty sweet deal.

With a low-cost, promotional plan at only $35, everyone can enjoy the fantastic features of DirecTV Now. The introductory base plan comes with 100 channels.  If you miss the promotion, you’ll be paying $50 for less services! If you need even more channels to flip through, sign up for the top-tier account to receive 20 extra premium options. But-beware of the $70 price tag that accompanies those extra stations.

So, now let’s talk about the bad stuff. Both NFL RedZone and NFL Sunday Ticket are off the plate. Local channels like ABC and NBC are only available through computers and phones. Missing content from Showtime and CBS is also a headscratcher. Worse yet, just finding the channel you want to watch is difficult due to the one-at-a-time channel swiping.

Aside from missing channels there are other features absent from this system. The DVR functions won’t be available until sometime in 2017. That they are releasing without DVR in place is not ideal, but the free Apple TV makes up for that short-term loss. You also can’t pause a live show. You also can’t set reminders to watch your favorite shows so if you miss it then you miss it for good. Gates for Amazon Fire, Google Cast and Chromecast aren’t included. Also, the lack of a previous channel button may be irksome for folks who are used to mainstream cable and satellite TV providers.

DirecTV Now is not ready to dethrone other industry leaders but they could in the future. It remains to be seen if AT&T follows through with the promised upgrades and issue cleanup. So, signing up is a bit of a gamble. Getting in on the first floor with that $35 price tag might be worth making the leap. So, is DirecTV Now worth it? You be the judge.