Tuesday, December 07 2021

Finding the Best Home Foundation Repair Companies

When a homeowner spots potential home foundations problems, its imperative that a qualified company be retained to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs.  As foundation repair companies have local or regional service areas, this can require the homeowner to do some homework to find the best contractor for the price.  Thankfully, with some online research and talking with neighbors and friends, homeowners can find the best company for the job.  There are a few things to look for that will help in the journey.  By following sensible advice and using common sense, foundation repair, while still costly, doesn’t have to break the bank.

Ask a Neighbor

In order to find the best home foundation repair contractor, homeowners need to rely on the personal testimonies of friends and neighbors.  While companies can make many claims online, the opinions and experiences of individuals the homeowner knows can help make the decision about the right company for the job.  Personal experiences can highlight areas of concern and help homeowners avoid lengthy repair times and unexpected costs.  The area homeowners’ association may be able to provide valuable information or connect homeowners to others in the area who have had similar work done.  While this process takes time, the information gleaned can be valuable.

Research Local Contractors

The next step is online research of companies serving the area.  A general internet search should yield several companies that can be followed up with a more in-depth search of their websites.  Homeowners need to consider the services that the companies offer, as well as, any customer reviews that they have posted on the website.  A company that doesn’t have a lot of reviews does not necessarily indicate that their work is poor quality.  It just means that the homeowner will need to look a little more closely at them before hiring them.  If there is a question, it is possible to request that the company provide references.  If the company seems reticent to provide the contact information of satisfied clients, this should raise a red flag.  While researching a company, don’t forget to look at specific review sites, such as Yelp and the local Better Business Bureau.  This can provide information that will assist in making a company selection. 

Check Credentials

When the list of potential foundation repair companies is narrowed down, homeowners need to make sure that the company has the required licenses.  It’s also important to make sure that they carry insurance on their workers for accidents and property damage.  This can give the homeowner peace of mind and financial protection while the work is being completed.  If there are any questions, a quick call to their insurer should resolve them.  Also, when foundation work is done, there will be permits required by the municipality.  Before hiring a company, it needs to be determined who will be responsible for acquiring the necessary permits.  Most foundation repair companies will obtain the permit and have the owner provide a signature but this needs to be decided up front.

Look for Reviews

When looking for a foundation repair company, homeowners need to do some research to protect their biggest asset, their home.  Everything needs to be tempered with good common sense.  If something just doesn’t feel right, they need to look at the company a little closer.  Companies that use scare tactics or have no client reviews should raise alarm bells with homeowners.  Also, disreputable companies will often require unusual payment terms.  This includes companies that require clients to pay the full amount for the work up front or in cash.  This is not the norm and may indicate that they are not reporting their income or backing their work fully.  When companies can back their work with positive client testimonials and solid company information, homeowners can rest assured that they are getting the right company for work that needs to be performed.