Sunday, October 24 2021

Get Started in Yoga

Yoga is an incredibly relaxing, yet somewhat strenuous exercise, designed to rejuvenate the body and soul. Yoga has several amazing benefits, that few other workouts can provide.  By building muscle, improving flexibility and reducing stress, yoga puts your whole body at work. But unlike most other exercises, Yoga leaves you feeling great for long afterward by boosting your energy and improving your overall health. One noticeable benefit comes from the mere act of sweating as you perform each pose. The heavy sweating from an intense yoga workout can help rid your body of toxins as they leave your pores. Additionally, as your body warms, heating your muscles, performing various yoga poses improves your flexibility and makes getting into poses easier as you go along. Working both your muscles and getting your heart rate going, yoga acts as the perfect aerobic and anaerobic exercise. As you perform these poses, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your health and your well-being as your stress will be greatly reduced. You may also experience significant weight loss, improved metabolism and improved respiration as you continue your yoga sessions.

While the choice to take up yoga may be fairly easy, choosing the right style may complicate matters. There are actually dozens of different types of yoga, so finding the best workout for you may require a little trial and error. One popular type of yoga is Bikram, which is relatively new to the world of yoga. In some ways it’s a relatively easier way to perform yoga, as they don’t teach poses exactly as they should be taught. Therefore, it’s a little more lenient and far less frustrating. Hot yoga is similar to Bikram, but involves a heated room in order to promote sweating by a lot. Anusara is even newer than Bikram and encourages overall well-being. It aims to bring out the goodness in people, making people feel good insides and hopefully reflect that goodness on the outside. Restorative yoga places greater emphasis on relaxation, rejuvenating the nerves and allows for easier breathing. Meanwhile, Vinyasa places a greater emphasis on movement, aiming for greater fluidity and smooth transitions from pose to pose.

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