Sunday, May 31 2020

GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Want better oversight of your commercial vehicle fleet, or do you want to track specific vehicles you own? Incorporating GPS fleet tracking into your business a no-brainer when it comes to organizing a fleet of company vehicles. The benefits of GPS fleet tracking are numerous. Fleet tracking increases productivity by limiting side trips, unauthorized uses, and wasted time in idle, monitors vehicle maintenance and fuel information, and relays more precise ETA to customers. When efficiency improves, your bottom line improves. The question is not whether or not to implement a GPS fleet tracking system into your business but rather which GPS system to purchase.

But which GPS systems are best? Here, we’ll review some of the best vehicle tracking systems on the market. Our favorite GPS fleet tracking systems are made by Networkfleet, Fleetistics, and NexTraq. Let’s review why each of these systems stands above the rest.

Verizon’s Networkfleet

Verizon’s Networkfleet, winner of the 2016 Gold Top Ten Review Award, offers an array of features to fit the needs of any business - no matter how large or small. Networkfleet features onboard vehicle diagnostics, maintenance alerts, and roadside assistance. The mobile app - either the manager or driver version - helps ensure that drivers are safe and accountable while on the clock. Networkfleet’s Asset Guard is invaluable for GPS asset tracking, even when transporting larger assets such as heavy duty equipment or sheds. The Dashboard, the web-based reporting software, breaks down reports into three categories: snapshot, performance, and alerts.

Networkfleet leaves nothing to chance, which is what makes it one of the best GPS vehicle trackers of 2018. It even manages DOT compliance requirements so that vehicle inspection reports and fuel tax reports are always up-to-date and easy to access. With over 28 billion miles tracked to date, Networkfleet excels at standard fleet tracking.


Fleetistics, an American owned company with an A+ BBB rating, prides itself on the ability to boost client’s productivity and profitability. Fleetistics offers a WEX fuel card - an easy way to track and manage an entire fleet’s worth of fuel consumption and mileage data. By using ExacTrax technology, Fleetistics’s maps boast among the highest resolutions of any GPS fleet tracking systems available. Safety features include accident event logs, instant accident notifications, and detailed risk and safety reports for each driver. As part of the safety package, Fleetistics uses DriveTrax, a fleet management tool used to report unsafe or inappropriate driving.


Established in 2000 near Atlanta, Georgia, NexTraq services over 110,000 subscribers. NexTraq strives to be the most user-friendly GPS tracking provider - and that’s proven through their award-winning mobile app. All of the top-rated GPS tracking systems nowadays have integrated mobile apps that allow people to track their vehicles in real-time. When choosing a system, definitely choose from the best GPS trackers with mobile apps.

Through the NexTraq platform, you can create and assign jobs, create a schedule for your team of drivers, review fuel reports (which does report instances of fuel wasting such as speeding), run asset tracking reports, which prevents your assets from being stolen or lost. A unique feature: Nextraq’s platform includes online driver education tools. Courses such as Aggressive Driving and Distracted Driving help to ensure that your drivers are operating safely and appropriately. All of these features place this system among the best vehicle tracking systems for large and small fleets.


GPS tracking systems offer solutions to managing a fleet of vehicles. Collecting vehicle data ensures that the proper maintenance is done to avoid breakdowns on the highway while safety reports track speed and safety belt usage. Location services keep driver’s routes efficient. These three GPS fleet tracking systems all have one goal: to improve the success of your business and your bottom line.