Tuesday, December 07 2021

Home Schooling

More and more parents these days are taking up the option to home school their kids. Historically, homeschooling was the norm for children, as only wealthy, upper-class parents could afford the use of a teacher or private tutor. Over the years, however, institutionalized education became more popular, and eventually became the norm. There were always parents on the fringes who still homeschooled their children, of course, but it was far from mainstream.

These days, however, parents are turning to homeschooling once again. Many parents who opt for homeschooling cite increasingly poor public school performance combined with the rising expense of private school as the reason behind homeschooling their children. However, many advocates of homeschooling claim it is a far superior educational option than even the best schools. And they might be right. Statistically, homeschooled kids tend to score higher on standardized tests.

There are several different methods and educational philosophies used in homeschooling today, such as Montessori, Thomas Jefferson Education, and even the popular movement known as Unschooling.

Many school districts, churches, and libraries offer home schooling resources and support, and even tutoring sessions for those who need or want it. School districts may also offer materials free of charge through district funding. Parents or students who are interested in homeschooling should first discuss their options with local school districts, churches, or libraries.

Parents and students may opt for all-in-one curricula, or “school-in-a-box” from one of several online homeschooling organizations or public school district. This is often the most similar to traditional school, and follows the same basic guidelines. This is a great option for students who may wish to return to public or private school at some point, because the transition back to classroom curricula will be fairly simple and smooth. It is also the best way to ensure that all material is covered that may appear on a standardized tests and college entrance exams.

Another option in homeschooling is distance learning. This option offers a balance between traditional homeschooling and classroom education, since it employs the use of teachers, either via television or online classes, but the pace of the work still depends on the student. Some home school programs will let you combine online education with traditional homeschooling, as well, so the student can work independently, but access support and guidance online at any point.

The options for homeschooling are so highly customizable, it’s no wonder why so many students and parents are choosing to home school these days.