Sunday, October 24 2021

Honeymoon Ideas

Planning for a wedding can be hard enough, but the honeymoon part should be easy. There are many romantic getaways to get your married life started on the right foot. All-inclusive honeymoon packages can offer extras, including show tickets or a special hotel room. All inclusive vacation packages might also include meals, champagne and activity vouchers among other things. Some of the benefit to going with a package is you can absorb your surroundings, spend time with your partner and not have to worry about planning or extra money spent. That said, choosing the perfect honeymoon vacation package can be difficult with all of the excellent options to choose from. If you’re in the midst of planning your dream honeymoon, check out our 5 top-rated all-inclusive honeymoon vacation getaways listed below:

Costa Rica is a nature-filled paradise and is considered to be the most bio-diverse country on the planet. There are over 20 national parks, including access to the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. Many of the inclusive packages will take you to the Guancaste region of the country which is the north west-side on the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica can provide you with the most beautiful surroundings for you to enjoy, including flying toucans, howling monkeys, rain forests, waterfalls, beaches and endless opportunities for an awe-spring hike.

Lake Tahoe is a vacation destination with crystal-blue water and is located on the border of California and Nevada. The lake is the sixth largest lake by volume in the United States behind the five great lakes. If you’re looking for stunning views and miles of hiking trails, then Lake Tahoe will not disappoint. There are excellent options for shopping and dining on the north side of the lake. Casinos are located on the south side of Tahoe.

Napa Valley California is also known as wine country, and it’s a wonderful option for a honeymoon. There are over 400 wineries in Napa Valley, which means you should be selective about the wineries you choose to visit. If you want to take a break from touring wineries, then you can make a stop at the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. The hikes offer amazing views of the valley with just a short hike. A long hike up Mt St. Helena is also an option for those willing to venture on the 5-mile trek. You may end up seeing Mount Shasta in the distance on a clear day.

Kauai Hawaii is the less tourist-dense option of the Hawaiian Islands, which offers more areas that can only be explored on foot. The island contains only two major highways. This island is the rainiest of the Hawaiian Islands, so make sure to bring an umbrella and hiking boots. Check out the Kalalau trail which extends 11 miles along, or the 10 mile hike in the Waimea Canyon for a moderate to intense workout on your honeymoon adventure.

Las Vegas is another honeymoon option for a couple that would enjoy the Vegas experience. A vacation package might include access to a nicer, stylish hotel room and tickets to shows or events happening in the area. Besides enjoying the unique architecture and city-design, you can visit a casino. While interweaving through the various casinos, you can experience the Vegas versions of New York and Paris.