Tuesday, December 07 2021

How to Save on Razor Refill Cartridges

Shaving is considered a necessary evil by both men and women. The maintenance and cost of razor cartridges only compound that feeling, increasing the frustration of not only having to shave, but also having to pay a lot of money to complete this chore. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on refill razor cartridges. This can be done through keeping your shaving needs simple, taking care of the refill razor cartridges you already have, and exploring razor blade subscription services. Using these techniques together can help you keep a close and comfortable shave without putting a sizable dent in your monthly budget.

When it comes to refill cartridges, it’s important to keep it simple in order to save money. Razor blade companies know that we need razor cartridges, and they are always trying to come up with something “new and improved” to charge even more. However, there is little evidence that a five-blade razor works better than a three-blade razor, or that various strips of rubber or moisturizers make shaving any more pleasant or convenient. Who really needs a razor that requires batteries so that it can vibrate during use? Razor shave clubs offer simple, high-quality products for a fraction of what you might pay at the grocery store. Sticking with a simple razor refill cartridge and buying them on sale and with coupons can help you save a lot of money in the long term.

Want to lower the costs of the razor refills you buy online or at the store? Don’t pay full price for razor blades—instead, save money with razor cartridge coupons. You can find downloadable coupons on most of the major razor brand websites. If you prefer online razor brands over traditional names like Gillette, Merkur, and others, then you can usually find coupons offered on those brands’ websites, too! In fact, you can also save money with introductory offers from shave clubs such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s. With these introductory offers, you can sometimes get free razor sets with no financial obligation. Get a smooth, flawless shave and the comfort from peace of mind.

Gaining in popularity in recent years, razor blade delivery services can help you save money on refill cartridges. Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, and Gillette all have subscription plans that deliver refill razor cartridges to your home on a regular basis for a relatively low monthly fee. The monthly fees range from $3 to $15 a month; even at their most expensive, the cost of the refill razor cartridges over the course of the year will cost less through subscription plans than buying the cartridges from major retail outlets. However, consumers should compare the prices offered by refill razor cartridge subscription services, since buying store brand refills on sale may be just as economical.