Sunday, October 24 2021

Shopping for Clothes on a Budget

Whether you like it or not, looking good is important. Wearing the appropriate attire can be the difference between getting that job and staying unemployed. When you put time into getting dressed every day, people notice, and you will feel better about yourself. Unfortunately, buying a great wardrobe takes money, so if you need a good outfit to get a great job, you may feel like you’re in a catch-22. Before you give up, though, know that there are great ways to find discount clothing that’s both fashionable and affordable.

Shopping for seasonal items when they are out of season can often get you the best deals. Makers of bathing suits can charge full price for a bathing suit during the summer because people will buy it at that price. If you need an item, you’re more inclined to pay the full price for it. If you think in advance, though, you can snag major deals on seasonal items. Waiting until September to buy that bathing suit for next year can end up saving you 50% or more. When swimsuit season ends, retailers want to get rid of their excess stock. While they don’t offer it for free, getting SOMETHING for what they have is better than having it lying around, especially if it’s not an item they’ll make again. The same goes for winter clothing. Once spring rolls around, stores are eager to get rid of the rest of their wintery duds and offer heavy discounts to do so. You can also use this strategy to buy homecoming and prom dresses. Shopping for a homecoming dress after prom season not only guarantees you’ll get a dress before the dance, but will save you majorly when you buy it. This holds true for shopping for prom dresses after homecoming season. When you shop for anything out of season, you also have the benefit of purchasing unique clothes for the next year. Since fashion changes so much, manufacturers typically don’t make the same styles two seasons in a row.

If you’re prone to changing sizes or like to stay current, you may find that shopping out of season isn’t for you. If that is the case, turn to stores that always have great discounts. Kohl’s almost always has racks full of clothing at 60% off or more. Target offers special lines made by big name designers at average prices. In fact, many designers work with another brand or produce another line targeted at everyday people. Prada, for instance, has a sister brand called Miu Miu. While their prices are still on the high side, many items cost far less than those of Prada. If you’re really trying to pinch pennies, shopping at thrift stores or consignment shops can help you find all sorts of clothing that costs a small percentage of what it originally did. Some stores, like Plato’s Closet, sell only modern, stylish clothes and often have pieces from popular stores like Forever 21.

If you have absolutely no budget whatsoever for clothes, try having clothing swaps with your friends. Get the girls together, bring all the clothes you don’t want anymore, and switch them out for the pieces that you’ve always coveted. While the clothes aren’t new, they’ll be new to you, and you have the benefit of cleaning out your closet. Some communities and colleges have events like this. Bringing in clothing to trade gets you a ticket per item to pick out something new. Checking for ads in newspapers or on coffee shop bulletin boards can help you discover these chances to update your wardrobe.