Sunday, October 24 2021

The Best Job Posting Websites for Finding Employees

Don’t miss the employees you need to make your business successful! There are plenty of job posting websites where employers can post jobs and find employees, but with so many of them, knowing which one is right can make all the difference in the quality of candidates that are applying and which ones you can hire. There are more than 18.5 million people that were hired for a job that was advertised online, so posting available jobs online can give you the right candidates you are looking for. Fortunately, there are popular job posting websites that can give business owners a competitive edge. These include Indeed, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder.



Indeed is a very popular job posting site, so there are plenty of candidates to choose from. Indeed began as a search engine that would scrape the web for job postings and curate them, and it also offered no cost job postings. There is a large resume database, giving you access to plenty to view, and there are claims that they receive over 180 million unique visitors a month, making it guaranteed that many qualified applicants will see your posting. It is also available in 50 countries and 28 languages, so you can find candidates no matter what your needs are. Those looking for jobs are able to research salaries and job trends in order to get more information about what positions are right for them. Indeed has two different plans for employers. You can purchase each with unlimited job posts per month, but they vary in the number of applicants you can contact each month.


Glassdoor may be known for employees being able to post reviews about employers, as well as salaries and other transparencies for companies, but it is also one of the largest hiring websites for employers to post jobs. When employees apply for jobs through Glassdoor, they have the option of looking at the user-generated content to see company-specific salary reports, ratings, and other reviews. If others have reported on interviews, they may be able to get more insight, which makes Glassdoor a good choice because it can already weed out some people that may not be a good fit for your company based on what they see salary-wise or with some of the reviews. Job costs for employers will start at $99 per post and can vary by location.


CareerBuilder has partnerships with 92% of Fortune 500 companies, making it a solid choice for many big businesses. Not only does CareerBuilder secure job listings from employers, but it also partners with many newspapers to secure online classifieds. When businesses want to post jobs, they are charged based on the number of posts purchased. If buying job postings in bulk, there is a better price. CareerBuilder will also offer career advice and resources to job seekers. CareerBuilder is a good choice if you are trying to hire experienced professionals. The robust search capabilities make it easier to search for candidates based on industry, salary amount, and years of experience. There is also a mobile app, so you can search for candidates from anywhere. There are two plans, the Lite and Standard plan, which start at $219. With the Standard plan, you can have three job posts a month and contact 100 applicants.