Tuesday, April 13 2021

The Best Murphy Beds You Can Buy Right Now

Murphy beds, or wall beds, can be a great addition to a home or apartment.  As the trend toward smaller apartments and homes continues, finding space saving options is also growing in importance.  In today’s homes, every inch must be accounted for and used as fully as possible.  For urban dwellers, it can provide a bed in the evening while freeing up the space during the daytime.  Even if the home has a traditional bedroom, Murphy Beds make great options for guest rooms.  When not in use, the bed can be neatly stored away allowing the room to be used for another purpose, such as an office or a nursery.  Whatever the reason, read on to learn more about the best Murphy Beds for the price.

Night & Day Furniture Sagebrush Murphy Cabinet Bed

This Murphy Bed is a little different than the ones that ‘in wall’ units that we are familiar with.  This bed is in a cabinet that resembles a chest of drawers.  When needed, a queen-sized bed can be unfolded to accommodate guests or the homeowner.  It’s an attractive option.  The cabinet top can be used for other items such as the tv without being disturbed when the bed is unfolded.  The unit is available in a variety of hardwoods and includes a gel mattress.  For $1,400, it can provide the additional accommodations you have been looking for. 

Bestar Boutique Murphy Wall Bed Queen

This Murphy Bed unit is the more traditional wall unit.  It operates on a piston system that makes opening and storing the bed easy to anyone to do.  While the mattress is not included with the unit, the design does not require a box spring letting you save money and get the specific mattress that you want.  When closed, the clean Shaker inspired lines of the cabinet complement any décor.  Though, it does not include the mattress, this Murphy Bed is still an economical, space saving option at $1,435.

Bestar Versatile Queen Wall Bed with Storage in White

While Murphy Beds save space by their design, this one provides home and apartment dwellers with additional storage on either side of the wall bed.  The attractive unit combines moldings and a melamine finish to be stylish, as well as, practical.  This design makes unit appear to be built in.  The bed is easy to raise and lower as needed.  The finish and details make it attractive, as well as, easy to clean and maintain.  At $1,948, this unit is costlier than one recommended here but when one considers the whole package, it is still a very cost-effective option.  Not only does the unit include two bookcases for storage, the unit also provides a queen-sized bed.  The crown molding and easy to maintain surface also make this a winning option.

When you are looking for a Murphy Bed, most likely your prime motivation will be the space saving features that will allow you to use a room for multiple purposes.  There are many ‘in wall’ beds and compact bed options available.  Look for quality construction when making your selection.  A good Murphy Bed unit is a perfect space saving solution.