Tuesday, April 13 2021

The Best Places to Buy Diamond Jewelry

Nothing surpasses the beauty of diamonds. Diamonds are used in everything from earrings to engagement rings. Diamonds can range greatly in size and shape and are suitable for just about any occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries. Finding the right type of diamonds to suit your needs may require some footwork before you make your decision. There are three top diamond retailers that consistently offer quality products at reasonable prices; these include Zales, Kay Jewelers, and Brilliant Earth. They have a reputation for delivering gemstones that are designed to last a lifetime and retain their sparkle and value over the years. Read on to discover who these retailers are and why they have earned a spot in the top three places to buy diamond jewelry.



The first top retailer of diamond jewelry is Zales. Zales has been around for decades and has a retail location is just about every major city in the country. They carry diamonds of all shapes and sizes but focus heavily on the 1/2 ct. to 2 ct. range. They are a choice jewelry outlet for people who want quality for a great price. They are renowned for their affordable engagement jewelry and holiday gift selection. Zales also offers easy payment options and top notch customer service. their representatives are knowledgeable about the products and can help you find exactly what you need for your special someone or yourself. You can also visit the website to get more information about the company and its products. 

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers is another national chain of diamond retailers that has locations all over the country. Kay Jewelers is known for their specialty cut diamonds and trademark diamond products. They offer items you can’t get anywhere else which makes them a favorite for people who are looking for something special for that special someone. They also have very knowledgeable staff who can explain why their products are unique and can offer suggestions for gifts and other special occasions. They also have a wide variety of engagement rings that are designed to fit almost any budget. Even if you don’t have a large budget, you will be able to find a stunning piece of jewelry that will be appreciated for years to come. 

Brilliant Earth

Our last top retailer of diamond jewelry is Brilliant Earth. They are quickly becoming the go-to diamond retailer for people who are concerned about the sourcing of their diamonds. They deal exclusively with conflict-free diamonds and offer some of the most brilliant and sparkling cuts you can find. They are also known for their quality and offer a greater selection of larger diamonds. They are a great place to find a statement piece or a unique setting that is unlike others you find at other national retail chains. They have a great online site that allows you to explore their offerings to get an idea of what you have to choose from. They also have experts on hand to help you with your selection.