Sunday, October 24 2021

The Best Places to Find Cheap One-Way Flights

Don’t spend too much on your next flight! Whether you are looking for a quick weekend away or planning a family vacation, it can be difficult to know if you are getting a good deal on air travel when you have to search multiple sites and apps for the best prices. There are great travel deals to be had if you know where to look. Also, while some swear that there is an ideal day and time to purchase airline tickets, there is no longer always true. As the industry has changed to meet the demands of customers, the way to find good deals has also changed. There are a few of our favorite methods to find tickets for the right price when we desperately need a change of scenery.

Google Flights

Google brings the power of its search algorithms to deliver a high-quality flight search tool. You are able to search for flights on an extensive range of options. Beyond just searching for one-way flights, you can also define the search by price point, number of stops, carrier and type of plane, to name a few. With this robust search environment, you are able to delve through the thousands of flights quickly and find the ones that most closely fit your needs. From there, you are linked directly to the provider to book the flight. Easy!


When Hipmunk entered the travel industry, they provided a simplified flight search engine that was more user friendly and easier to use. They have continued to evolve their tools to better meet the needs of clients. Now, you can combine search functions to plan your entire trip. In some cases, combining the flight with the hotel and car can reveal additional discounts beyond booking each separately. Additionally, flights can be compared side by side so that you can see the merits and drawbacks easily. The graph feature lets you visually compare flight times, length of layovers and numbers of stops. This is a wealth of information delivered in an easy to understand format so that you can find the best deals and make the choice that is right for you.


This flight search engine takes a unique approach that results in saving you money. While you can use it to search for direct flights, Skiplagged will also search for flights headed for other destinations but that are making a stop or layover at your desired city. You will save money because you are only taking part of the journey that your fellow passengers are. This is a great benefit with this tool. The one downside is that you are not really able to check luggage as all baggage will be headed to the final destination. You can also use the tool to search for flights that while they seem longer, are also much cheaper because of the schedule. So if you can travel with a carry on or have some flexible time, this search tool will produce amazing savings.

As the travel industry has changed to adapt the evolving needs of travelers, travel companies have also sought to improve their operations. The result is deals and savings for you, their customer.