Sunday, October 24 2021

The Best Speech Pathology Degree Programs Online

The best speech pathology degree programs prepare students for their exciting new careers working with students of all ages. Speech pathology degrees online allow students to achieve their dreams conveniently and at their own pace. Speech pathology degree programs require a Master’s degree in order to get a good job in the field, so there is a serious commitment just to get started in this kind of employment. There are fewer than 20 online programs which offer the Master’s degree in Speech Pathology, and coursework can be earned in undergraduate, certificate and graduate levels. The top three online schools for a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology are the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, the University of Northern Colorado and Texas Women’s University. 

The University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire has a smaller price tag than many of the other schools while offering exceptional academic quality. The degree is actually in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a focus on Speech Language Pathology. Admission is competitive, and prospective students must have a Bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.75 GPA and 3.25 in Communication Disorders coursework. At least 30 credits in subject casework are also required. While financial aid is available, most graduate students are only available for loans. To complete the degree, students are required to complete both online coursework and pass competencies which take place on the actual campus, which last one full week apiece. The Eau Claire program is normally completed in three years. 

The University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado is a public, nonprofit school, so it also manages to keep prices comparatively low. With over 20 online degrees, the University of Northern Colorado is experienced at helping students meet the challenges of online learning. The Master of Arts in Speech—Language Pathology is a three year program, and specifically prepares students for entry level jobs in the field. Using a clinician—researcher model, the University of Colorado online Master’s program teaches skills in everything from collecting data to evaluating outcomes. Although designed for nontraditional students, the program does assume all students have a background in the subject, and must take undergraduate courses if their background isn’t strong enough. Some on campus experiences are required to complete the degree. 

Texas Women’s University

Texas Women’s University is a public, nonprofit institution based in Texas and is also competent at dealing with online students, offering large amounts of support to all students. Texas Women’s University prides itself in creating lifelong learners and leaders in their chosen field of Speech Pathology. Students can earn Texas licensure and earn the Certificate of Clinical Competence, whether they choose the online or on campus option. Graduates go on to work in hospitals, schools and private healthcare agencies, among other settings. There is also a bilingual program for those who are fluent in two languages. Students can earn credits at regional universities around the country, and they graduate with several hours of clinical experience. The program takes seven semesters but does require a commitment to working in Texas schools for a period of time after graduation for all those who earn the degree entirely by distance education. 


Speech pathology degrees are the first step to an exciting and fulfilling career. It is essential for students to ensure that the speech pathology degree programs online are accredited. The accreditation in this subject should not just be regional, but from the Council on Academic Accreditation  (CAA).