Sunday, October 24 2021

The Three Best Gold Investment Companies

Gold investment companies help investors to make the most of their long-term strategies for growing wealth. Even if you’ve been investing for years, gold investing may be a new strategy for your long-term wealth-building plan. Gold IRA investment companies help consumers purchase, store, and sell gold investments, and assist you in rolling over traditional IRAs, 401(k)s, and retirement fund account balances into gold investment accounts. While choosing a gold IRA may not be for everyone, many investors prefer them over traditional IRAs because gold is an asset that tends to hold its value during inflation and severe market fluctuations. Unlike many currencies or assets, gold will never be valued at zero dollars. Investing in any asset carries risk, so weigh the pros and cons of investing in physical bullion carefully. If you have a traditional IRA or company-managed 401(k), you can roll it over into a gold investment IRA. The top three gold investment companies rated by reputation and reviews are JM Bullion, Regal Assets, and Advantage Gold. 

JM Bullion deals with just about any type of precious metal, including copper, but they specialize in gold and silver investments. They offer a full-service package with appropriate storage and an IRA program that will help you prepare your savings. JM Bullion processes over 30,000 orders each month in their Dallas headquarters, and they offer many limited time discounts on their website for purchases made by wire transfer or personal check. The company focuses on being a leader in the industry by working hard to provide the best pricing and customer service. Unlike many gold investment companies, JM Bullion offers customer service Monday through Saturday, and you won’t wait for long—the average answer time on a call is about 20 seconds. Not surprisingly, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The minimum investment is $100, and annual fees and buyback run $190 per year.

Another top player in 401(k) IRA rollover gold investments is Regal Assets. Well -known for being safe, secure, fair, dependable and trustworthy, they rate highly at the BBB, and have a 5-star TRUSTLINK rating with 969 positive reviews. Regal Assets has a free rollover kit, to help new investors who aren’t familiar with the gold IRA rollover process. The rollover kit includes a documentary about the Federal Reserve and how the gold IRA market works, as well as a copy of Forbes Magazine, where they were featured in 2013, to help potential investors understand the monetary and gold system more thoroughly. They require a minimum deposit of $10,000 but offer waived fees and buyback for the first year. 

Advantage Gold requires a moderate minimum investment for the beginner investor of $5,000, and they offer flat fees and buyback. They are a member in good standing of The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ITA). Advantage Gold specializes in first-time buyers. If you have little to no experience in investments, IRAs, 401(k) s and gold investments, they offer newcomers the most support. When it comes to providing education to you about the gold IRA rollover process, they leave no stones unturned. While gold investment IRA companies take advantage of first-time investors by trying to sell you collectible coins that bring them higher commissions, at Advantage Gold, they are dedicated to educating you on all your options as a precious metals IRA account owner.