Sunday, October 24 2021

The Top Three Junk Removal Companies with the Best Prices

Junk removal companies provide a valuable service when home or business owners need to declutter and get rid of items they no longer need. These companies can help clean up following construction or home projects, for instance. Anytime that you have materials that need to be hauled away, junk removal companies stand ready to provide assistance. When looking for a service, consider the companies in the area. Also look into their specialties, such as the safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials and oversized materials. There also companies who provide environmentally sound garbage and debris removal and disposal services. When considering hiring a company, make sure that they can handle to type of removal that is needed. For instance, at construction sites, there will be paint and solvents among the leftover building materials that need to be dealt with appropriately. Three junk removal companies providing exceptional service to customers while keeping costs down include Junk King, 1-800-Got-Junk and E-Cycle Environmental.


Junk King is a franchise-based junk removal company throughout the United States. They are known for the quality equipment that they use, low prices and their friendly professional staff. They can be hired for large and small projects. In some cases, they can respond within two hours of being called. They provide commercial and residential services ranging garden and property clean ups to removal of construction debris. They can also dispose of old electronics and appliances in an environmentally sound manner. When a residence is being cleaned out, they will take care of any bulk hauling or scrap metal recycling that is needed. If it is more convenient, they will provide onsite rental dumpsters. Dumpster prices are based on the amount of material hauled away so a full dumpster is $275. Rates for removal services are based on the amount and type of material. They provide free onsite estimates for the lowest price. There is also an online estimator. The other option is to call for an estimate.

1-800-Got-Junk is a company that prides itself on removing junk quickly. Often, they can provide same day service wherever needed. They are known for the removal of old furniture, carpeting and construction debris. They will also remove and appropriately dispose of electronics, tires, office equipment and scrap metal. As a full-service junk removal service, their motto is “Goodbye Junk. Hello Relief”. They stand by their promise that customer will never have to lift a finger when they are hired. They are committed to ensuring that all removed materials are responsibly disposed of whether they are recycled, donated or dealt with. Their pricing is based on the amount of material that needs to be removed. They can provide a price on site or an estimate over the phone. They can also provide a rental dumpster to a work site. For all jobs, they strive to keep costs low while maintaining rapid staff response times. They will remove all non-hazardous materials that two crew members can lift. If there are hazardous or caustic materials involved in the removal, it is advisable to alert the technicians and ensure that they can dispose of them safely. While the removal cost is based on the amount of material, the average cost of a big job is $241.

E-Cycle Environmental takes a more environmentally friendly approach to junk removal. The company is committed to providing green solutions to the removal and recycling or disposal of junk. Their services get rid of unwanted items for customers but they focus on striving to dispose of the items in ways that are kinder to the environment. For instance, where possible, they will recycle appliances, batteries, office equipment and electronics. Recycling services are also provided for plastics, metal, glass, wood and some metals. While the company provides a full ranges of junk removal and recycling for residential consumers, a large portion of the business is dedicated to serving the specialized needs of corporations and governmental agencies. Their vision to provide services to customers both large and small in an environmentally responsible manner. They also provide recycling and removal services for aviation parts and materials. The company provides competitive on-site price quotes based on the amount and types of materials that need to be removed.