Tuesday, December 07 2021

Three Best Ways to Create a Free Website

Creating a free website can be quick and simple! In this digital age it is essential to have a website which properly represents your business in a clear and professional manner. However, many people believe that a lot of skills and knowledge are needed to build a website, but this is simply not true. The most important factors to look for in a free website are ease of usability, lack of hidden charges, and an included domain name. The top software programs provide the tools needed to create a high-quality website that accurately represents the website owners and their businesses. The best three ways to create a free website include Wordpress.com, Wix.com. and Weebly.com. 


The first of the top three options for making a free website is Wordpress.com. Wordpress.com is a very popular site where you can create a free website for business, professional or blogging purposes. It is easy to use and takes only minutes to set up a website. Changes can be made quickly and you can register a unique website name for recognition by major search engines. You can also keep and use an existing name that is known to your readers or customers. Each free website on wordpress.com comes with a unique style and you can choose from 100’s of themes. Live support is available 24/7 for chat, email and for any questions you might have while you build your site. Updates to the site can be performed on any device that has a mobile app for IOS (Apple) or Android operating systems.


The second of the top 3 options for making a free website is wix.com. Wix.com utilizes a specialized “Wix editor” that helps you to easily build your website starting with 500 designer made website templates. This system also has a very easy to use and a simple “drop and drag” system for total freedom of design. With Wix, you can personalize a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan. All Wix websites are mobile optimized to have a professional appearance on any device. Your website can be easily managed using powerful apps which allow you to add animation and video backgrounds to your site. Wix also allows for the addition of scrolling effects which can fade or zoom in. SEO analytics, blog management and email marketing, easy subscriptions and a Wix store are all available with a free Wix site.   


The third top option for a free website is Weebly.com which provides websites for over 30 million customers. Weebly.com offers a free plan for website design with a free personalized domain name for one year. There is a monthly fee for the starter plan of $8.00 per month and other more expensive plans are available. This site has reliable and free hosting and has many customizable templates with HTML and CSS control. Weebly provides 24/7 dedicated support along with help articles, video tutorials and live webcasts. It also uses easy drag and drop technology and has an app center which contains many tools, elements and 3rd party features. No coding experience is necessary when building a website with Weebly and 60 free themes are available. Unlimited pages and storage come with a Weebly site along with Google Analytics.


It is important to consider ease of use, no need for coding experience, free domain name and 24/7 tech support when determining which software would be best for building a free website.