Tuesday, April 13 2021

Top 3 Coffee Makers

There are a broad range of coffee makers available on the market.  The key to getting the right coffee maker for you and your family is in identifying the features that will truly make your mornings easier.  Through the years, the design of coffee makers has evolved to meet the needs of a wider variety of coffee lovers.  From makers created with the “on the go” coffee drinkers to those designed for people who love to entertain, there are good deals available on the right coffee maker for you.  Keep reading for more information on three that truly stand out. 

This sleek coffee maker not only looks great on the countertop, it’s a workhorse that produces excellent coffee while maintaining the optimal temperature and brewing time.  With the 24-hour timer, coffee is always ready first thing in the morning when it is most needed.  This function is also useful is you are hosting a dinner party or evening event.  The maker can be set to start brewing toward the end of dinner so that guests can have freshly brewed coffee with their dessert.  At $80, it is in the median price point but the investment in this new brewing technology makes it a must have kitchen appliance that will last for years to come.

When you just want to have great coffee without a lot of bells and whistles, this coffee maker fills the bill.  It has a sleek design so it will complement any kitchen design.  Don’t let the simplicity of this maker fool you.  It comes with many of the programmable features that you are looking for.  This includes the programmed brewing, automatic shut off and warming plate.  For most people, these are the most desirable features.  The well-known durability of Black+Decker products is coupled with an affordable price ($30).  Grab this deal during the Back to School season for a really great deal.

Krups is another coffee maker manufacturer to watch.  Not only are they known for the quality and durability of their products, you can also find good deals.  The Krups digital coffee maker has most of the features that coffee drinkers are looking for.  The 12-cup capacity carafe ensures that there will always be enough to go around in the morning.  The maker has a programmable auto start and auto shutoff features which allow the specific brewing time to be set and dispenses with worrying about whether the maker shut off.  At $40, the price point is in line with most budgets. It also makes a great purchase to send with new students as they head off to college.

These are just a few of the exceptional coffee makers that are available in the marketplace.  The back to school season or early fall is the perfect time to grab a great deal during the sales.  Sure, you can spend more for more sophisticated machines if you are so inclined but if you consider the features that will truly deliver the convenience that you are looking for, there are many great deals available.