Sunday, October 24 2021

Top 3 Deals on Patio Furniture Sets

For many homeowners, having a great outdoor space to entertain or just enjoy nice weather with the family is just as important as having a great indoor space, and that means finding the perfect patio furniture to suit the overall aetetic of the home. While there are countless patio furniture sets to choose from in just about every style, most homeowners also want to find the best deals around, so they can save money while creating their perfect outdoor space. Currently, there are some great deals on excellent patio furniture sets suitable for just about any space and budget. They are the Northvale 5-piece dining set, Ikea’s Äpplarö Table and 4 Armchairs set, and Riviera Otranto 6-Piece Patio Semi-circular Sectional Set. Keep reading to learn more about these great sets at exceptional prices!

The Northvale 5-piece dining set brings the best of fine dining to your backyard. It comes with a beautiful bar height table, swivel bar chairs, and a fire pit. The table top is square in shape and has a wood grain texture with a distinctive herringbone pattern. It’s also built with eco-friendly materials. The base is made from e-coated steel, strong rust resistant to make sure that the table can stand up to its elements. Located right in the middle of the table is the built-in fire pit. You can purchase the Northvale patio swivel bar chairs to complement the table. You may have to purchase each piece separately as the Northvale 5-piece dining set doesn’t necessarily come in a ‘set’. Get both the Northvale table ($280) and a set of two chairs ($209) from Lowes and create your own set.

The Ikea’s Äpplarö Table with 4 Armchairs is the best way to get a taste of Scandinavian minimalism minus exorbitant prices. With this set, Ikea, once again proves that affordable patio furniture doesn’t have to come in the form of cheap plastic and uncomfortable aluminum. The table is made from acacia wood and looks quite small, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it can accommodate up to 10 people. The table comes with a folding drop that you can use to expand it. The armchairs, while they don’t expand, are easy to fold and store. The patio furniture set has been treated with several layers of semi-transparent wood stain for added durability. You can get the Äpplarö Table and 4 Armchairs set from Amazon for $389.00.

The Riviera Otranto 6-Piece Patio Semi-circular Sectional Set will have you mistaking your outdoors for the al fresco section of your favorite bistro. This big, durable, classic set is very flexible. It’ll have you feeling like you have multiple patio furniture sets in your backyard. The set includes either a standard ottoman or an ice bucket ottoman, an umbrella holder wedge table, and four quarter sectional sofa seats. You can choose to break the whole set up and scatter pieces all over your backyard or arrange the entire set as a semi-circle. The cushions are waterproof; you don’t have to worry about wet weather. You can buy the Riviera Otranto 6-Piece Patio Semi-circular Sectional Set from Houzz for $1,083.99.