Monday, February 24 2020

Top 3 Diamond Earring Retailers

The best retailers for genuine diamond earrings offer high quality, documented diamonds at good prices. The top three retailers aren’t names you see at the mall, but online purveyors offering quality earrings in a bevy of cuts, carat weights and settings. Shop James Allen, the top-rated retailer for diamond earrings.

Established in 2006, provides Diamond Display Technology which it created. This display method provides the consumer with a 360° view, interactive video of the diamond to allow the consumer to explore it without traversing to a store. If a consumer wants to have the jeweler craft bespoke earrings, the retailer offers loose diamonds in the thousands. Consumers can view loose diamonds using the system under a 20 times magnification. The website offers 24-hour, seven days a week professional jewelers with diamond training to assist with customer support and questions. Besides loose diamonds, James Allen offers numerous ready-to-purchase earring sets. Many consider it a go-to location for heart-shaped diamonds.

Shop at Brian Gavin Diamonds to find designer settings and ideal cut diamonds. This fifth generation South African diamond cutter specializes in unique diamonds and ideal and super ideal cut diamonds. Best known for its engagement rings, it also offers a bevy of earrings. The firm offers hearts and arrows diamonds, ideal cut princess and cushion-shaped diamonds. Their diamonds offer a high-level of fluorescence and warm colored stones. It provides a go-to store for those looking for bridal gifts.

Blue Nile, the oldest online diamond retailer also ranks as one of the best. In 1999, the firm established the first Internet diamond store. It now ranks as the largest diamond online retailer in the world, too. It still offers high quality diamonds at affordable prices. Consumers can find unique shapes like the Astor diamond shape which the firm has analyzed by two independent labs. The bonus to shoppers in Europe or the United Kingdom is that they can avoid paying the value added tax (VAT) when shopping it, unlike buying from a US-based vendor. It ships nearly worldwide, serving small countries like Luxembourg that often have trouble getting online retailers to ship to them.

Each of the top three stores also has important factors in common. All three of these stores offer better quality diamonds of color grade “G” or higher. For earrings, you can go a color grade “H” or “I” and still look good. These grades can also be found at each store, as can larger carat weights. They all also offer eye clean diamond stud earrings. These range in the clarity from VS2 to SI2. Each also offers easy access to a grading report from AGS or GIA. Blue Nile offers some diamonds that have been graded by both. In summary, each of the top three diamond earring retailers offers something no other firm does that enhances a consumer’s diamond purchase.

This summarizes what makes each of the best diamond earring retailers stand apart. James Allen offers its proprietary 360° view with zoom that lets the consumer view the diamond as if they were holding it under a loupe. Brian Gavin Diamonds is a fifth generation firm offering ideal and super ideal cut diamonds, Blue Nile offers experience as the oldest online diamond retailer.