Tuesday, April 13 2021

Top 3 Hardwood Flooring Options

Those with interest in hardwood flooring aren’t in the minority and for a good reason. In addition to offering versatility, the styling of hardwood stands the test of time. Hardwood floors undergo what is referred to as a Janka test to measure how resistant it is to wear and to denting. These ratings help determine if the species is adequate for flooring use. We’re going to look at the top three hardwood flooring options to help you decide which is best for your needs.

Despite this being grass and not wood, bamboo still holds a classification as a hardwood flooring material due to the impregnation of many hard resins that make it incredibly durable. Not only is this type of flooring eco-friendly, but it’s easy to maintain. Bamboo flooring is also water resistant, making it a little more resistant to water damage, warping, and stains in comparison to other flooring options. For those who are looking for the highest quality bamboo flooring, Cali offers Fossilized Bamboo flooring with a Janka rating of 5,000. Conventional bamboo flooring has Janka ratings of between 2,000 and 3,000.

The hardest woods are typically exotics, and Brazilian walnut is no exception with its solid and dense structure. Ipe is another word for Brazilian walnut, so this could cause confusion for some buyers. Some use this material on their exterior decks because due to its strength and durability. One of the most significant benefits of using this type of hardwood flooring is that it’s resistant to fire. The main reason it can’t catch on fire is that the fibers in each board are so densely packed together that is has the same fire rating as steel or concrete. You can find Brazilian hardwood at retailers like Lumber Liquidators.

When a domestic hardwood is something that you have in mind, then hard maple is the most popular. Not only is it the number one choice for basketball courts, but it’s also what pet owners choose most often because it holds up best. The Janka rating for maple is 1,450 or higher. Buyers of hard maple shouldn’t confuse it with other maple flooring options. Hard maple flooring is also referred to as rock maple or sugar maple. The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) grow the trees for this flooring in the northern area of the United States, above the 38th parallel, where there are shorter growing seasons. The result is maple trees with a grain that’s closer and more uniform. You can find hard maple flooring at Kentwood floors or LW Flooring.

When making your hardwood flooring decisions, it’s important to consider foot traffic as well as if you’re going to have any pets. If you’re already a pet owner, think about how sturdy the wood needs to be against pet nails and claws. You’re making a long-term investment for your home and, if properly cared for, this hardwood flooring could last between eighty and one hundred and twenty years. While this flooring does require some upkeep, it will add the necessary warmth and coziness to the space you desire.