Tuesday, December 07 2021

Top 3 Home Alarm Systems

The greatest value of a home alarm system is the peace of mind it brings. Depending on the level of system you get, there are a lot of options and price points.  You can get a basic system that includes motion monitors and alarms, and up to live streaming with heat sensors and alarms. Exterior lighting is also part of most systems. The peace of mind comes from knowing that if something does go wrong, authorities will be notified and help will come whether you are home or not.  It is not just crime. A water leak could be spotted while you are gone for instance, or a fire could be detected. A home security system could also lower your monthly insurance premiums as well. There are lots of options, and it depends on how much you want to spend and how complex you want your system to be.

The ADT home alarm security system is a very popular one that has a lot of options available. It has a money back guarantee and they will install it the same day you place the order. It includes theft protection of $500. The only downside to this system is the $99 installation fee and professional installation is required.  With this system, you can manage the security and monitor your home with your smartphone. It comes with an easy to read LCD display, and will alert you when doors and windows are opened as well.  ADT offers continuous surveillance of your home. It will monitor your home for a wide variety of hazards, including carbon monoxide, flood, smoke, and many other things. ADT has a large nationwide infrastructure in place to protect any home. They are a well-established company with a solid reputation.

Front Point Security is not as well-known as other home security companies, but it is also a solid contender. It is great for customers who want to install their own system and advanced knowledge or skills are not required. This company also has a good reputation for customer support. You may also use mobile apps to keep track of your security when away from home. There are no hidden fees beyond the purchase price and monthly fee. The only downside is the upfront cost, and if you upgrade the cost can get high.  On the positive side, you can easily install this system. Once it is installed they offer great customer support in helping you get things running and operating smoothly. You may also expand the system easily if desired. It also offers live video you may watch when away from home.

Protect America is a third company that offers self-installation, and that provides constant home monitoring services at all times. There is no activation fee which is a plus, and it only takes an hour to set up.  The costs are relatively low for this kind of system, but the downside is there is a 36-month minimum contract and it will cost you to get out of it.  It does offer one of the most extensive programs. There is more than just safety and monitoring. You may also use it to automate some things in your home, and even protect your automobiles.  There are five levels to choose from. Their entry-level package is guaranteed to be the lowest in the business. The upgrades can get expensive, but you can also get exactly what you want. The pricing plan is very straightforward, easy to understand, and there are no surprises. There is also a free lifetime warranty for the equipment.  You may even lock your doors on schedule with this system. You may also deactivate to avoid unnecessary calls to authorities.