Monday, January 25 2021

Top 3 Hot Tubs You Can Buy Right Now

Do you dream of relaxing in your own personal hot tub ater after a long, hectic, and tiring day? A spa-like experience that eases your stress and everyday worries is possible if you take advantage of the best deals on new hot tubs in 2018. The hot tubs on the market range from the small-sized for one or two people to the big ones that seat three to seven. To buy good tubs, you should consider the space, design and features of the hot tub, such as the control panel and whirlpool jets. Only pay for a hot tub after being satisfied with the information about the warranty, the working mechanism, delivery services and maintenance. Keep reading to learn more about the best deals on hot tubs right now, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs and budget.

Coleman SaluSpa

The $349 premium Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub with 114 jets is among the most popular and affordable household hot tubs on the market right now. This hot tub spa can accommodate between four and six people. Installing the digitally-controlled Coleman tub does not require hired labor. You can get the easy-to-lift Coleman SaluSpa hot tub operational quickly and easily, all without tools. As the Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub has a digital regulator panel, the facility can warm water at the rate of 2 degrees and up to 104 degrees per hour. Consumers who purchase the household sauna also get a DVD with instructions on setting up the unit, filtering, and cleaning the water to eliminate any bacteria. Hooking up the inexpensive 71” x 26” SaluSpa inflatable hot tub to the warm water indoor faucet gives you heated up water in less than five minutes. This is a hot tub offering an excellent relaxing soak with minimal effort or investment.

Coronado DLX (LS600DX)

For the ultimate relaxation and massage experience, why not buy the 81” x 81” x 34"H Coronado DLX (LS600DX) 65-Jet spa tub that seats seven people, all for around $3,251. As a tub with an ozone-like water system, this affordable hot tub gives you water with minimal chlorine. The tub is energy efficient, so you need not worry about astronomical monthly power bills. This model also has a lockable hardcover to ensure that children do not use the hot tub without supervision. An electrician may be required to install this hot tub, however. Coronado DLX tubs come with 4 foot jets, 65 hydrotherapy jets, and a 5-year shell warranty. You will love this tub’s appealing look, and the Coronado DLX is an easy-to-maintain tub. The unit’s automatic water filtration keeps the warm water fresh and clean always. All you require to enjoy a wonderful massage with this unit is to plug the tub into a 120-volt electric outlet.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub

A luxury, inflatable, Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub that seats six people and measures 66x196x196cm is a great hassle-free personal hot tub option. With its massage system and 87 hydro jets, the tub also features a fantastic multicolor LED lighting system to create the perfect ambiance. Setting up the Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub may require professional effort but once the assembly is over, you can use the water-resistant, wireless remote to select any of the seven beautiful lighting options, including romantic or relaxing blue. You can also opt to leave the auto color selector to cycle through the different colors as you pamper yourself in hot water. If you want to soothe tired or aching muscles, the thousands of revitalizing bubbles the Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub produces will definitely do the trick.


Once you purchase a hot tub, having a durable cover for the investment is crucial. Relaxing in your hot tub can melt away stress and relax the muscles. If you choose to buy a high-quality tub from online suppliers, remember to assess the craft and the materials used to make the hot tub. Also, go for a hot tub model whose replacement hot tub covers and other accessories are easy to find. Some tubs, such as the Coronado DLX have digital control centers to regulate lighting, temperature, and jets. A superb tub will provide full foam protection and an energy efficient mechanism, which makes turning down electric power supply during use unnecessary. Use the above tips to get yourself a durable hot tub and enjoy spa moments for many years.