Wednesday, March 03 2021

Top 3 Roadside Assistance Plans

Roadside assistance plans are a safeguard that can be invaluable when traveling. They provide help in a variety of situations that drivers can face such as flat tires, mechanical issues and lockouts. Today, when a new vehicle is purchased, the manufacturer may offer special pricing for a subscription to a roadside assistance program. They are also sometimes available through insurance companies or auto clubs. While drivers may not be overly concerned about the need for roadside assistance programs when their vehicle is brand new, as the vehicle ages, it becomes a more pragmatic choice for consumers. Many drivers, such as new drivers and young parents, benefit from having the security and peace of mind that a quality roadside assistance plan can provide. Three programs stand out in the marketplace today: AAA, Good Sam Roadside Assistance and Better World Club.


AAA is well known for their roadside assistance program. They offer other services such as insurance, repair services and travel support through discounts, rental cars and vacation planning. A AAA Membership is low cost. The basic membership starts at $5/month. The Plus and Premier membership levels ($7.75/month and $9.75/month) provide additional benefits for an affordable price. The memberships include towing, flat tire repair and lock outs. Their technicians will also help with dead batteries, emergency fuel and engine problems. In the case of engine problems, a mechanic will arrive to provide minor repairs in an effort to get the vehicle back on the road. The various available programs primarily differ in the towing distances a member is provided. The higher-level memberships go further to accommodate driver’s needs when they have an issue. For instance, the platinum members are entitled to free car rental for one day when their vehicle is towed. Services are also available for trucks and RVs.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Perhaps the biggest competitor to AAA is Good Sam Roadside Assistance. They distinguish themselves from other programs by providing unlimited towing, broader service areas and packages that cover an entire family. For instance, while other programs cover only the US and Canada, Good Sam also covers Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands while remaining competitively priced at $69.95/year. While they cover autos, they provide specialized services for RVs, motorcycles and boat trailers that other programs don’t. This includes towing, flat tire repair, fuel service, battery jumpstart and dispatching a qualified mechanic when needed. For people who enjoy vacation travel in their RV and campers, the packages offered by Good Sam Roadside Assistance are worth looking into. Their specialized services can be helpful for long trips should an emergency occur.

Better World Club

Better World Club is an environmentally friendly automobile club offering roadside assistance services. Their approach is to support alternative modes of transportations and sound environmental principles while serving customers on the road. Their costs are in line with other auto clubs with a basic auto membership at $58.95 and a premium auto package at $97.95. These provide services such as flat tire, jumpstart and emergency fuel. It also covers towing winching and lockouts. In support of their mission to support eco-friendly transportation, they also offer plans to cover bicycles, including tandems, unicycles and electric. They also clearly state that while other companies lobby for highway specific issues, they actively advocate for eco-friendly travel issues such as building bike paths and safety topics. For consumers striving to live a greener lifestyle, these programs are worth looking into.