Sunday, October 24 2021

What You Need to Know About the Samsung S10

Some exciting news has leaked about the Samsung S10! The Samsung Galaxy S models have long remained one of iPhone’s biggest competitors, offering performance, features, and specs that in many ways surpass Apple’s iPhone and other top-of-the-line phones like the Google Pixel. While often the newest generation phones are basically a repeat of what came with maybe only a couple new features tacked on, this doesn’t look to be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S10. In fact, the S10 is undergoing a complete redesign for 2019. The S10, and especially the S10+ and Beyond are sure to be the most impressive Galaxy models to-date, pushing the boundaries of what a smartphone can be, and in many ways, redefining it. If you are interested in purchasing a new smartphone in 2019, read on to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S10.

While a lot of info is being kept under wraps, some top-notch investigative work is helping to bring some thrilling things to light about the new Galaxy phone. As revealed by Ice Universe, the phone is expected to have a display that measures as much as 6.7 inches - significantly larger than the 6.2-inch S9+. And while you might think this must mean the phone is even bigger than last time, you’d actually be wrong. Surprisingly, the chassis of the S10+ will remain the same size as the S9+ thanks to reduced bezel sizes. Fortunately, the headphone jack will remain.

What may be controversial to some is that in the effort to reduce bezel size, the S10 with feature a notch where notifications and the front-facing camera usually appear. For those that hate bezels this is great, but if you don’t like the idea of your screen looking like someone took a hole-punch to it, the good news is that a notch-free model will be available: the Beyond X.

The camera of the S10 will also be changed. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will feature a horizontally aligned triple lens camera with a primary, wide angle, and 2x optical lens. This should help the S10 provide superior quality pictures, particularly when it comes to taking group shots and scenic shots, as well as shots from a distance. On Beyond models, the rear camera will have four camera lenses while the front-facing camera will have two lenses - for a total of six lenses!

One of the most impressive new features of the S10 is the 3D sonic sensor, an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader. Rather than reading your fingerprint pattern by shining a light and comparing that print with the stored print in your phone, the ultrasonic print will create a 3D mold of your fingerprint using sound waves. However, don’t expect this feature to be included on the basic S10 Lite model.

Of course, the most exciting new development about the S10 is that it will offer 5G carrier support - the fastest network available. While no official information has been released, two versions of the S10 will offer 5G service: the Verizon exclusive Beyond Bolt, and the Beyond X. These phones offer the largest display, the most advanced cameras, and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S10 models in the coming months.